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Riding lessons for kids and teens 2 years and up



Beginner Level for students 2-5 years old 


This is where it all begins. It is very important for the little ones to get comfortable around the ponies. Being at the barn means there are a lot of new impressions for them. They need the time to settle and get used to everything.


Beginner and Intermediate Level for students 6 years and up

Older students typically start directly in the Mustangs program since they’re more capable of finding their balance on the horse and they’re generally more capable of processing the trainers' instructions due to their age and level of maturity.


Advanced Level for students at all ages


The main goal in the Pegasus program is to teach the students simple dressage movements, control of the horse at any time, navigating ground poles and the execution of  little jumps.


Why Palina's Ponies?

  • safe environment 

  • high quality standards

  • professional trainers

  • covered riding arena

  • the cutest ponies in the world

Reicherts at Palinas Ponies


My name is Karoline Reichert, I am the founder and owner of Palina’s Ponies.
My hunsband David and I are originally from Germany and have been around horses our whole lives. We trained and competed at the highest levels in Europe ourselves and more importantly we trained lots of kids and teens from a beginner level all the way up to competing on an international level.

Some of them even became European Champions in a variety of equine disciplines. 

The most important thing about building a child's “riding career” is to create a solid foundation. There are so many things to learn and to understand in the equestrian world and it takes a lot of time, patience, stamina and drive.

I wrote a handbook to help you, the parents, understand what we’re doing here at Palina’s Ponies, why we’re doing it and what the results are going to be.
When you are new to an equestrian sport, it's very hard to understand the sport itself and to track the progress of your child. Even if it seems as though your child is doing the same thing in every lesson, that’s far from the truth. Equestrian sport is so complex that it’s very hard to see weekly improvements if you’re not an experienced rider yourself. We kindly ask you to trust us and our team of trainers with developing your child's personal path in the wide field of equestrian sports. 



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